Applied Imaging And Rigshospitalet University Agree Collaboration

Applied Imaging Corp. has teamed with Drs. Hans Skovgaard Poulsen and Jens Benn Sorensen from the Department of Oncology at the Rigshospitalet University of Copenhagen, Denmark, to optimize and validate a new blood test for the early diagnosis of cancer metastasis.

The initial study will focus on patients suffering from colorectal tumors of all stages with emphasis on the early stages when the tumor is still localized and a metastasis predictor is of extreme importance.

Applied Imaging CEO Dr. Jack Goldstein stated, “Rigshospitalet University in Copenhagen is one of the premier cancer centers in Europe with access to a large pool of patients that will drive this study to completion in a relative short period of time.

This blood test is a key component of Applied Imaging long term strategy to become the leading provider of instrumentation and reagents for the clinical and research cancer markets”.

Applied Imaging Corp., based in Santa Clara, California, is the leading supplier of automated imaging systems utilized in genetics and pathology laboratories for the analysis of chromosomes in cancer and prenatal disorders.

The Company is expanding its efforts in scanning and imaging applications in the cancer pathology field, as well as providing key reagents in this area.

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