Cima And Schwarz Sign Development And Supply Agreement

INC. has signed a second agreement with for a controlled release formulation of its DuraSolv dosage form of an undisclosed prescription product.

The Agreement is expected to add approximately $ 1.3 million in product development fees and licensing revenue during the product development phase, which is estimated at two years.

“This is an exciting announcement for CIMA for several reasons,” said John M. Siebert, Ph.D., CIMA’s President and CEO.

“It is the first supply agreement CIMA has signed for a controlled release formulation of CIMA’s fast-dissolve technology.

It is the second agreement CIMA has signed with and it is the third definitive agreement CIMA has signed this year.”

DuraSolv is a patented fast-dissolve technology that dissolves quickly in the mouth.

DuraSolv is robust enough to be packaged in conventional bottles, pouches or blisters.

DuraSolv is designed to address the difficulty of swallowing traditional tablets and capsules and to improve taste acceptance while offering a convenient oral dosage form that can be taken anywhere and anytime, which may increase dosing compliance.

AG has its headquarters in Monheim, Germany.

Concentrating on the therapeutic areas of the central nervous system, the cardiovascular system and urology, develops and markets innovative drugs for unmet medical needs.

CIMA provides solutions for oral drug delivery challenges in the pharmaceutical industry.

CIMA does so by developing and manufacturing pharmaceutical products based on its advanced oral drug delivery systems.

These systems include OraSolv, OraSolv SR/CR and DuraSolv, fast-dissolve technologies, OraVescent, a dual fast-dissolve/oral transmucosal system for improved oral absorption, targeted site-specific absorption and fast onset of the therapeutic effect of active drugs, and the PakSolv packaging system.

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