Ciphergen Enters Collaboration With Pfizer

pfizerCiphergen Biosystems, Inc. has entered into a collaboration with Inc. designed to discover proteins in serum from rat models as well as to evaluate the relative importance and utility of such proteins as biomarkers associated with drug safety.

“This innovative predictive toxicology study will be carried out through our Biomarker Centers,” commented William Rich, President and CEO of Ciphergen.

“If the collaboration is successful, we expect to expand the initial body of work into an even larger program.” Ciphergen is at the forefront of companies engaged in assisting clients to identify alternative predictive drug toxicity methods based on its ProteinChip System and Arrays.

The ProteinChip System allows one to rapidly identify multiple protein biomarkers and biomarker patterns, in animal and cell culture models, that would be predictive of likely toxicity problems.

Multiple Ciphergen customers are already using the ProteinChip System in-house in pre-clinical drug development.

Ciphergen’s Biomarker Centers, located in California, Pennsylvania and Denmark, are designed to provide a valuable outsourcing service for clients who would like to leverage the experience and expertise of Ciphergen’s scientific staff to accelerate their own pre-clinical and clinical drug development efforts.

Ciphergen develops, manufactures and markets the ProteinChip System that enables protein discovery, characterization and assay development to provide researchers with a better understanding of biological functions at the protein level.

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