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Med-Design Signs World-Wide License Agreement With BD

The Med-Design Corporation has signed a Binding Letter of Agreement with respect to the material terms for the grant to BD (Becton Dickinson) of the exclusive worldwide license to utilize Med- Design’s patent rights and know-how in the manufacture and sale of safety syringe products. This agreement requires final Board approval from both companies and Read more about Med-Design Signs World-Wide License Agreement With BD[…]

BD Biosciences

Cell Robotics Signs Technology License Agreement With BD

CELL ROBOTICS INTERNATIONAL, INC. has extended its intellectual property coverage of the Lasette product line by licensing a key patent from BD (formerly Becton, Dickinson and Company) of Franklin Lakes, NJ. Specific terms and conditions of the Agreement were not disclosed. Dr. Ronald K. Lohrding, Cell Robotics’ President and CEO said, “We are delighted to Read more about Cell Robotics Signs Technology License Agreement With BD[…]

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Injectable Steroid for Muscle Growth
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Androgenic Steroidal Agent
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