Berlex Licenses DoubleTwist Clustering And Alignment Tools

DoubleTwist, Inc. has announced that Berlex Laboratories, Inc. has licensed DoubleTwist’s proprietary Clustering and Alignment Tools. As DoubleTwist’s best-selling product, the computational tools enable companies to quickly cluster and align high volumes of expressed sequence tags (ESTs) and genomic sequences into full-length gene sequences suitable for gene indexing and other applications in drug discovery. “We Read more about Berlex Licenses DoubleTwist Clustering And Alignment Tools[…]

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FDA Approves Progestin Contraceptive Yasmin

Berlex Laboratories has announced FDA approval of their new low-dose, monophasic oral contraceptive, the first to contain the unique progestin, drospirenone. Drospirenone is different from the progestins currently available in other oral contraceptives. As an analogue of spironolactone, which is widely used by Ob/Gyns for many women, drospirenone exhibits antimineralocorticoid activity which influences the regulation Read more about FDA Approves Progestin Contraceptive Yasmin[…]

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