Diversa And Celera Genomics Sequence Streptomyces

Diversa Corporation and Celera Genomics have announced the completion of the entire genome sequence of Streptomyces diversa. The companies completed the sequencing under the collaborative agreement signed in December of 2000. The availability of the genome sequence should enable faster discovery and development of novel molecules of pharmaceutical interest from Diversa’s PathwayLibraries. Diversa‘s proprietary strain, Read more about Diversa And Celera Genomics Sequence Streptomyces[…]

Proteome And Celera Genomics Announce Collaboration

Proteome, Inc., has announced a key strategic collaboration for advancing biology with Celera Genomics, a PE Corporation business. Proteome’s BioKnowledge Library, which includes human, worm and yeast annotation, will be linked and distributed through the Celera Discovery System. This linkage between the two databases is expected to provide researchers with a novel tool for understanding Read more about Proteome And Celera Genomics Announce Collaboration[…]

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