EntreMed Issued Broad Angiostatin Patent

EntreMed, Inc. announced that U.S. Patent No. 6,025,688 has been issued covering all antiangiogenic fragments and methods of production for its potent angiogenesis inhibitor, angiostatin protein. The patent also covers antiangiogenic fragments of angiostatin protein that may contain amino acid additions, deletions, or substitutions, which means that any products developed through alterations to the parent Read more about EntreMed Issued Broad Angiostatin Patent[…]


Licensing Deal For EntreMed And Oxford BioMedica

EntreMed, Inc. has announced the execution of an agreement granting Oxford BioMedica plc exclusive worldwide rights to develop the localized delivery of two gene targets from EntreMed as a possible treatment for the loss of vision. Neil Campbell, EntreMed President and Chief Operating Officer, commented, “Given Oxford BioMedica’s gene therapy expertise, we are pleased that Read more about Licensing Deal For EntreMed And Oxford BioMedica[…]

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