imclone systems incorporated

ImClone And DAKO To Develop Screening Kit

ImClone Systems Incorporated and DAKO Corporation have entered into an agreement for the development of an Epidermal Growth Factor receptor (EGFr) screening kit. EGFr is a receptor associated with tumor cell growth in a number of solid tumors. The kit, to be developed by DAKO, will screen patients’ tumors for over-expression of EGFr as a Read more about ImClone And DAKO To Develop Screening Kit[…]

imclone systems incorporated

ImClone Receives $3 Million Payment From Merck

ImClone Systems Incorporated has received a $3 million payment from Merck KGaA for achieving a clinical development milestone under the Companies’ license agreement for ERBITUX(TM). Upon payment, ImClone Systems issued 150,007 shares of ImClone Systems’ common stock to Merck KGaA, representing the sale of these shares at a ten percent premium to market value as Read more about ImClone Receives $3 Million Payment From Merck[…]

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