invitrogen corporation

Invitrogen Commercializes Novel Thermostable Enzyme

Invitrogen Corporation and Diversa Corporation have announced the launch of ThermalAce DNA Polymerase, a novel enzyme that improves the performance of DNA amplification for the widely used polymerase chain reaction (PCR). The enzyme is an extremely stable DNA polymerase that improves the yield of DNA amplifications while doing so with a high degree of accuracy. Read more about Invitrogen Commercializes Novel Thermostable Enzyme[…]

genicon sciences

Invitrogen Agrees Deal With Genicon

Invitrogen Corp. has acquired product lines and technology rights from Genicon Sciences Corp., including Genicon’s proprietary tools and methods for ultra-sensitive signal generation and detection, for approximately $2 million. Genicon Sciences is a privately held company located in San Diego. “Invitrogen’s goal is to become the preeminent partner for organizations performing disease research and drug Read more about Invitrogen Agrees Deal With Genicon[…]

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