Ligand Pharmaceuticals

Ligand, Lilly Agree Second Extension To R&D Collaboration

Ligand Pharmaceuticals and Eli Lilly and Company will extend until November 2004 their research collaboration focused on discovering novel drugs for type II diabetes and cardiovascular disorders. This represents the second extension of the collaboration with Lilly, and further strengthens both partners’ confidence in continued success going forward. The Lilly-Ligand collaboration, which began in 1997, Read more about Ligand, Lilly Agree Second Extension To R&D Collaboration[…]

Ligand Pharmaceuticals

Ligand And Lilly Advance Novel Drugs

Ligand Pharmaceuticals Incorporated has announced that LY510929, a novel PPAR agonist, and a back-up compound have been declared clinical candidates for development as novel oral treatments for type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Ligand expects an Investigational New Drug Application (IND) to be filed with the FDA for LY510929 or the back-up compound in the Read more about Ligand And Lilly Advance Novel Drugs[…]

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