Deltagen And Hyseq To Develop Novel Secreted Proteins

hyseqDeltagen, Inc., and Hyseq, Inc. have announced a major collaboration to undertake the research and development of approximately 200 novel secreted proteins.

Under the terms of the agreement, Hyseq will provide gene sequences encoding secreted proteins from their extensive intellectual property portfolio and Deltagen will utilize its proprietary in vivo mammalian gene knockout technology to discover and validate potential commercially relevant biopharmaceutical drug targets.

Deltagen and Hyseq will each have certain joint development and commercialization rights around potential biopharmaceutical drug targets discovered through the collaboration.

“This agreement provides us with access to what we believe is a unique patent portfolio.

By determining the key in vivo biological functions of these potentially rare and novel genes, we have an opportunity to enhance Deltagen’s therapeutic protein pipelines.

Along with our recent agreement with Lilly, this collaboration is another validation of our capabilities and commitment to the development of novel secreted proteins,” said William Matthews, Ph.D., president and CEO at Deltagen.

Deltagen is pursuing an active drug discovery program and hopes to characterize the in vivo function of several thousand novel secreted proteins over the next few years.

Commercially viable biotechnology drug candidates discovered through this program will be developed internally by Deltagen or in alliance with other premiere partnerships, either as a protein or as antibody targets.

“The Deltagen collaboration is another potent example of how Hyseq is leveraging a portion of its extensive secreted protein collection to determine therapeutically relevant function and accelerate product candidates into the clinic.

The Deltagen mammalian gene knock-out program complement our existing functionalization efforts with Aurora Biosciences and Kirin Pharmaceuticals,” said Ted W. Love, M.D., president and CEO at Hyseq.

Deltagen provides data to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies on the function, role and disease relevance of mammalian genes.

This information may facilitate the discovery and validation of drug targets to advance the development of new genomic-based medicines.

Hyseq is engaged in research and development of novel biopharmaceutical products from its collection of proprietary genes discovered using its high-throughput screening-by-hybridization platform.

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