Discovery Partners Announces Agreement With GSK

GSK, Inc. has entered into an agreement with Glaxo SmithKline for the delivery of a next generation IRORI(TM) Combinatorial Chemistry Synthesis Platform.

Financial terms of the arrangements were not released.

Over the next twelve months, Discovery Partners will deliver the first two next generation X-Kan(TM) Chemistry Synthesis Systems for use in GSK sites in the U.K. and the U.S. X-Kans(TM) are chemical microreactors that combine the rugged, chemically resistant 2D tagging features of the previously introduced IRORI NanoKan(TM) technology, with an increased size and scale that are similar to the currently available IRORI MicroKan(TM) and MiniKan(TM) products.

The agreement includes the first delivery of Discovery Partners’ new X-Kan(TM)/MicroKan(TM) Clevap(TM) system that provides walk away automation of reagent dispensing, incubation, cleavage, compound transfer and solvent evaporation of X-Kan(TM) and MicroKan(TM) synthesized compounds and the delivery of 2D barcode based automated synthesis sorting workstations.

“GSK was an early adopter and continues to be a strong user of our patented ‘Directed Sorting’ technology for compound synthesis. We are very pleased to be working with GSK in the development of our next generation X-Kan (TM) synthesis and cleaving system,” states John Lillig, Chief Technology Officer of Discovery Partners.

Discovery Partners International, Inc. has become a leader in drug discovery collaborations by offering integrated services and products that span the drug discovery continuum including target characterization, high throughput screening, lead generation, lead optimization, high throughput synthesis automation, and gene expression analysis.


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