Discovery Partners International, Inc. And Kyorin Pharmaceutical Co., Inc. Sign Drug Discovery Agreement

Discovery Partners International, Inc. of San Diego, California and Kyorin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. of Tokyo, Japan announced further details surrounding the research collaboration to identify drug candidates for an allergy target.

Under the agreement, Discovery Partners International, Inc. has responsibility for assay development and hit identification.

Kyorin receives worldwide rights to manufacture and market any drug products resulting from the collaboration.

Discovery Partners International, Inc. will receive ongoing research support and milestone payments upon achievement of specified events from Kyorin.

Financial details were not disclosed.

Mr. Ikuo Ogihara, President of Kyorin Pharmaceutical commented, “Kyorin strives to compete on an international level in drug discovery research. To be successful, we recognize the need to access new technologies and know how that will complement our capabilities and enhance our efforts. We selected Discovery Partners International, Inc. because we believe that its broad capabilities and technologies will accelerate our drug discovery process and provide us with a real competitive advantage.”

Taylor Crouch, President & COO of Discovery Partners said, “We are delighted to begin this collaboration with Kyorin. Kyorin has an impressive record of developing innovative, effective and successful drugs, and we are pleased to be working together on this promising new program.”

Kyorin Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. is a fully integrated, research oriented pharmaceutical company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, with a focus in the areas of infectious diseases, immunology and allergic diseases and metabolic diseases.

Discovery Partners International, Inc. is active in the area of drug discovery collaborations.

DPI offers integrated services, products, and systems that span the drug discovery continuum, including target characterization, targeted and screening-library design and synthesis, high throughput and high content screening, lead generation and optimization, gene expression analysis, and protein crystallization.

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