EntreMed Issued Broad Angiostatin Patent

EntreMed, Inc. announced that U.S. Patent No. 6,025,688 has been issued covering all antiangiogenic fragments and methods of production for its potent angiogenesis inhibitor, angiostatin protein.

The patent also covers antiangiogenic fragments of angiostatin protein that may contain amino acid additions, deletions, or substitutions, which means that any products developed through alterations to the parent molecule are now covered under EntreMed’s intellectual property.

Angiostatin is known as an endogenous, or naturally-occurring, molecule because its parent molecule, plasminogen, is a component of blood.

With issuance of this patent, EntreMed now has patent protection covering all forms of the angiostatin molecule, whether used as a protein, peptide fragment, or gene for delivery to a patient.

The patent also covers angiostatin produced in a patient after the administration of drugs used to convert plasminogen into antiangiogenic fragments of angiostatin.

To provide the broadest intellectual property portfolio around the angiostatin molecule, EntreMed has pursued an aggressive patent protection strategy.

Since 1994, nine angiostatin patents have issued covering use of the molecule as a diagnostic and prognostic agent and for the treatment of angiogenesis-mediated diseases, such as cancer, heart disease, and blindness.

Seven more patents are pending.

On August 27, 1998 EntreMed announced the issuance of U.S. Patent No. 5,792,845 for composition of matter claims for the gene encoding angiostatin.

The earlier patent covers the gene used to produce angiostatin protein and also includes vectors that may be used to deliver gene therapy to patients.

Patent coverage for the angiostatin gene itself means that EntreMed can explore next-generation drug delivery systems by inserting the gene that encodes for angiostatin into a patient triggering the body to manufacture angiostatin in concentrations sufficient to block the growth of new blood vessels involved in disease promotion.

If successful as a drug delivery system, this method could potentially eliminate the need for daily drug injections in the future.

EntreMed’s Chairman, President and CEO, Dr. John W. Holaday, commented: “Issuance of this important patent ensures that EntreMed can vigorously protect its intellectual property position while encouraging other scientists to perform critical research with angiostatin. We encourage and support extended research with angiostatin protein, its protein fragments, genes, and gene fragments in order to expand the knowledge base around this potent antiangiogenic agent.”

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