Harvard Bioscience Announces Collaboration With NextGen

Inc. and Ltd. have announced a collaborative research and development agreement.

Harvard Bioscience focuses on developing tools to alleviate critical bottlenecks in the drug discovery process, particularly in the area of protein isolation and ADMET screening.

As a result of this research agreement NextGen will develop new applications for the Harvard Bioscience protein purification products and intends to incorporate these novel technologies into the NextGen platforms at the end of the research phase.

Harvard Bioscience has built a portfolio of new technologies including sample purification for proteomics and genomics and is looking for opportunities to integrate these technologies into new solutions.

“The collaboration between Harvard and NextGen is a perfect example of how we are looking to add value to and leverage the core technologies in which we hold strong proprietary positions.” says David Green, President of Harvard Bioscience.

“Working with the NextGen team provides Harvard Bioscience the opportunity to move into new applications in proteomics for which NextGen has considerable expertise”

“We are very pleased to announce this collaboration with Harvard Bioscience”, Dr Kevin Auton, founder and chief executive of NextGen said, “We believe that no one company has all the technical knowledge, skills and expertise to fast-track the development of cutting edge products in the fields of protein expression, isolation and purification.

Collaborative relationships with business and academic partners are key to the successful outcome for product development programs of this type.

Harvard’s unique technology will provide NextGen with access to revolutionary tools for the new products we are developing in genomics, transcriptomics and proteomics”.

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