Licensing Deal For EntreMed And Oxford BioMedica

EntreMed, Inc. has announced the execution of an agreement granting Oxford BioMedica plc exclusive worldwide rights to develop the localized delivery of two gene targets from EntreMed as a possible treatment for the loss of vision.

Neil Campbell, EntreMed President and Chief Operating Officer, commented, “Given Oxford BioMedica’s gene therapy expertise, we are pleased that we can continue the commercialization of a gene-based endostatin and angiostatin treatment for vision loss.

We are also exploring possible relationships with in the areas of hypoxia and hypoxia-induced diseases, such as cancer, anemia and cardiovascular disease.

Today’s announcement is the first of several activities EntreMed has been exploring to continue the commercial development of endostatin and angiostatin and further demonstrates EntreMed’s commitment to finalize our stated realignment that will allow the Company to focus solely on its small molecule programs.”

Under the terms of the agreement, receives exclusive worldwide rights to use EntreMed’s endostatin and angiostatin genes in the development of locally delivered gene therapy for ophthalmologic applications.

plans to utilize EntreMed’s genes in its proprietary therapeutic RetinoStat(TM) program.

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