Metasensors And Masimo Sign License And Development Agreement

masimo corporationMetasensors, Inc, and have announced a license and development agreement to incorporate the Masimo Signal Extraction Technology (Masimo SET) with Metasensors’ microfluidic technology based products.

The combined OEM products will subsequently be licensed by and Masimo to leading companies around the world.

Metasensors’ cardiac output monitor, the metaCOM, will be the first product to feature both Metasensors’ proprietary microfluidic technology and Masimo SET pulse oximetry in one unit.

One international medical technology company has already licensed the combined offering.

“The metaCOM technology measures cardiac output noninvasively using a unique analytical algorithm,” stated Will Moore, CEO of Metasensors.

“Our noninvasive cardiac output algorithm requires accurate arterial oxygen saturation measurements.

We chose Masimo’s SET pulse oximetry platform because of its unprecedented fidelity during all conditions, even under motion and low perfusion.

The combination of these two premier technologies in one completely non- invasive module represents a major breakthrough for healthcare providers seeking reliable, economical solutions for patient monitoring.”


“We are delighted that has adopted Masimo SET as their pulse oximetry technology for their breakthrough products based on their microfluidic technology,” said Joe E. Kiani, CEO of Masimo.

designs and develops data analysis OEM modules for patient-monitoring products to be used in critical healthcare applications based on its proprietary microfluidic technology.

is a medical technology company that develops, licenses and markets advanced medical signal processing technologies and products for the non-invasive monitoring of vital signs.

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