PPGx And Squibb Collaborate On Bioinformatics Software

, Inc. has announced that Company will incorporate its breakthrough GeneTrials Bioinformatics Platform into its pharmacogenomics research and development program.

The agreement is part of PPGx’s GeneTrials Partner Program, a framework through which PPGx grants pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies early access to its bioinformatics technology and pharmacogenomics expertise.

Through the program, PPGx software developers and pharmacogenomic consultants work jointly with partner scientists to customize GeneTrials to meet the client’s specific project needs and to identify opportunities for technical enhancement.

“As we lead research into the era of personalized medicine, the ability to integrate research data across a variety of disciplines becomes a critical capability. PPGx’s GeneTrials allows us to combine our genomic, clinical and preclinical data sets to enable exciting new opportunities for our pharmacogenomics program,” said Nicholas Dracopoli, Ph.D., executive director of pharmacogenomics with Bristol- Myers Squibb.

“We are delighted to join the Bristol-Myers Squibb team and help the company capitalize on the advantages offered by the GeneTrials Platform,” said PPGx President and CEO Josh Baker, Ph.D.

“PPGx brings to the table an advanced software technology and a unique understanding of how to apply bioinformatics and pharmacogenomics to drug development. It’s an ideal partnership, with both companies looking toward speeding time-to-market and maximizing patient outcomes. We look forward to expanding this strategic relationship in the future.”

Bristol-Myers Squibb is a $20 billion diversified global health and personal care company whose mission is to extend and enhance human life.

PPGx provides technical and consulting expertise in the application of pharmacogenomics to optimise and accelerate drug discovery and development.

Combining genetic research technologies from its computational and research divisions, GLP/CLIA global laboratory services and a comprehensive bioinformatics platform, PPGx provides pharmacogenomic solutions for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

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