Protein Sciences And Hts Agree Proteomics Collaboration

(PSC) and HTS Biosystems, Inc., have entered into a strategic collaboration to facilitate the discovery of novel protein molecules for the drug and diagnostics markets through innovative solutions for proteomics.

This alliance combines PSC’s experience and world leadership in the production of proteins in insect cells with HTS Biosystems’ extensive technology and expertise in producing tools for the high-throughput screening market.

The collaboration will focus on generating a catalogue of proteins and their affinity counterparts.

This unique collection of molecules will be available to customers for product development.

Manon Cox, vice president of corporate development at Protein Sciences, commented, “We are very pleased with this collaboration. It will allow us to exploit a market that we recognized as important but were unable to enter by ourselves.”

She added, “Together, and Protein Science will offer the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries a powerful solution that streamlines their development process.”

Enrico Picozza, chief operating officer at HTS Biosystems, said, “It is our intent to expand our collaboration to provide unique services that are in high demand.

By combining our systems with the ability to acquire quantities of proteins necessary for screening or molecules for use in clinical trials, we can reduce time to market.

This demonstrates, once again, our commitment to provide integrated and seamless solutions for the proteomics market.”

a leader in developing commercial protein-based human and veterinary vaccines and therapeutics by producing proteins in insect cells using baculovirus expression vector system (BEVS) technology.

The company’s GeneXpress program enables customers to access Protein Sciences’ proprietary BEVS technology to obtain human and animal proteins for screening and cGMP clinical materials from genes more reliably, rapidly and less expensively than through alternative protein expression systems.

HTS Biosystems, Inc. applies a unique portfolio approach to provide high-throughput bioanalytical systems for the rapidly growing field of proteomics.

This portfolio includes novel label-free detection systems as well as advanced fluorescence-based technologies to provide a comprehensive suite of tools supporting all phases of drug discovery and development of unique diagnostics.

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