Qiagen And Zymark Anounce Strategic Alliance

, N.V. and Corporation have entered into a strategic alliance addressing the use of ultra high-throughput sample and liquid handling automation.

The alliance will focus on uses of such instrumentation for nucleic acid handling and purification as well as for QIAGEN’s proprietary protein expression and purification technology.

QIAGEN develops and markets liquid handling platforms, which automate the Company’s market and technology leading nucleic acid handling, separation and purification consumables.

Zymark has created leading solutions for the integration of such systems into fully integrated solutions for ultra high-throughput applications.

The companies intend to develop and launch systems which will combine QIAGEN’s BioRobot automated instrumentation platforms with Zymark’s RapidPlate 96-well and 384-well pipetting solutions and Zymark’s Staccato and Twister systems to address the rapidly expanding need for ultra high-throughput nucleic acid handling, separation and purification solutions in the genomics markets.

QIAGEN and Zymark also intend to enter into research and development programs to expand the uses of the combination of each company’s instrumentation components with QIAGEN’ nucleic acid handling, separation and purification consumable technologies.

Zymark Corporation President and CEO Kevin Hrusovsky stated, “QIAGEN and Zymark’s collaboration to integrate chemistries and automation represents a significant opportunity to further advance the throughput of nucleic acid purification, and ensures that QIAGEN’s customer base will realize maximum benefit from the utilization of these powerful technologies.”

QIAGEN N.V., provides innovative enabling technologies and products for the separation, purification and handling of nucleic acids.

The Company has developed a comprehensive portfolio of more than 300 proprietary, consumable products for nucleic acid separation, purification and handling, nucleic acid amplification, as well as automated instrumentation, synthetic nucleic acid products and related services.

Zymark Corporation is a premier provider of products, technologies and services for laboratory applications in the rapidly growing markets of life science.

Zymark is focused exclusively on laboratory automation and robotic solutions.

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