Ribotargets Receives Exclusive Ribosome License

RiboTargets LTD

has received an exclusive worldwide license to patents filed by the Medical Research Council (MRC) relating to the 30S subunit of the bacterial ribosome (30S). Pioneering research led by the MRC’s Dr Venki Ramakrishnan has elucidated the molecular structure of the 30S bacterial ribosome and the molecular interactions that enable ribosomes to assemble proteins according to genetic instructions.

This research has highlighted several protein and nucleic acid ribosomal components that will be targets for the discovery of a new class of antibacterial drugs.

RiboTargets has built on this research and are in the process of discovering drug candidates using Ribodock, its proprietary structure- based drug discovery engine.

Simon Sturge, RiboTargets’ CEO commented, “We have fostered a very close relationship with the MRC since the company’s inception and are delighted that the MRC has granted us this exclusive license. The license gives us the opportunity to operate in this attractive market and we look forward to bringing new antibacterial therapeutics into clinical trials in the near future.” Dr Venki Ramakrishnan said, “It is very gratifying to see our research on the 30S bacterial ribosome being taken forward by RiboTargets in their search for new antibacterial drugs for which there is an urgent need.”

RiboTargets is a privately owned pharmaceutical drug discovery company focused on the development of novel anti-infective and anti- cancer therapeutics.

These therapeutic areas represent significant market opportunities.

The Medical Research Council (MRC) is a national organisation funded by the UK tax-payer.

Its business is medical research aimed at improving human health; everyone stands to benefit from the outputs.

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