medline industries

Carrington And Medline Sign Licensing Distribution Agreement

Carrington Laboratories, Inc., and Medline Industries, Inc., have formed a distribution licensing agreement under which Carrington has granted Medline the exclusive rights to sell and market Carrington’s wound and skin care products, the companies have announced. Carrington estimates the value of this agreement to be approximately $50 to $60 million over the five-year term of Read more about Carrington And Medline Sign Licensing Distribution Agreement[…]

antares pharma

Antares Pharma NPMG Alliance For Topical Anesthetic

Antares Pharma, Inc. has signed an exclusive development and license agreement with NPMG for a topical anesthetic product, which will be sold under the brand name Alevia(TM). The product will be based on Antares Pharma’s proprietary ATD(TM) gel technology, and will contain lidocaine and tetracaine at low levels to allow distribution and use without a Read more about Antares Pharma NPMG Alliance For Topical Anesthetic[…]

iomai corporation

Berna And Iomai Announce Collaboration

Berna Biotech Ltd. and Iomai Corporation have announced a collaboration for the development of vaccines for administration using a skin patch. The collaboration will pool Berna’s expertise in the development of vaccines and novel adjuvants with Iomai’s expertise in skin delivery using its proprietary patch technology. Needle-free delivery has become a global priority because of Read more about Berna And Iomai Announce Collaboration[…]

skye pharma

Skyepharma Licenses Dermatology Technology

SkyePharma PLC has licensed rights to three topical drug delivery technologies, Crystalip, DermaStick and the ES-Gel system, from Bioglan Pharma PLC. Under the terms of the agreement SkyePharma has paid $9 million in cash and will obtain certain exclusive development and commercial rights in relation to new products from the Crystalip and DermaStick technologies and Read more about Skyepharma Licenses Dermatology Technology[…]

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