Alexion Receives Orphan Drug Status For Dermatomyositis Treatment

The FDA has granted Orphan Drug status to Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.’s humanized monoclonal antibody C5 Complement Inhibitor 5G1.1 for the treatment of patients with dermatomyositis. Alexion is currently enrolling patients in a Phase Ib pilot clinical trial that is designed to gather clinical data regarding the safety profile and biological and clinical effects of 5G1.1 Read more about Alexion Receives Orphan Drug Status For Dermatomyositis Treatment[…]

Curagen And Gemini Enter Genome Wide Drug Target Discovery And Pharmacogenetics Collaboration

CuraGen Corporation, an integrated genomics based drug discovery and development company, and Gemini Genomics plc, announced today the largest collaboration to date linking cSNPs (human genetic variations) and clinical information to identify and validate novel drug targets for use in the discovery and development of pharmaceutical and diagnostic products. Specifically, CuraGen and Gemini scientists will Read more about Curagen And Gemini Enter Genome Wide Drug Target Discovery And Pharmacogenetics Collaboration[…]

Millennium And Morphosys Extend Collaboration

Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has signed an agreement for an expanded alliance with MorphoSys AG. Under their agreement, MorphoSys AG will apply its proprietary HuCAL technology to generate human antibodies for a new target molecule in inflammatory disorders provided by Millennium. One of the objectives of the alliance is to develop fully human antibodies against targets Read more about Millennium And Morphosys Extend Collaboration[…]

Pharmagenesis, Inc.

Fujisawa Enters Research Agreement With Pharmagenesis

Fujisawa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., has executed a collaborative research agreement with Pharmagenesis, Inc., with regard to triptolide derivatives, novel and potent immunosuppressants created by Pharmagenesis. The agreement also gives Fujisawa an option to acquire the exclusive and worldwide (certain territories are under negotiation) development and marketing rights to Pharmagenesis’ compounds in the therapeutic areas of Read more about Fujisawa Enters Research Agreement With Pharmagenesis[…]

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Winstrol Tabs - Bulk Price

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Base Constituent: Clenbuterol Hydrochloride
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Propionat 100 [10 Vials]

Injectable Steroid for Muscle Growth
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