Coulter Acquires Rights To Novel Technology

Coulter Pharmaceutical, Inc. has entered into a license and research agreement with Yissum, the technology transfer company of Hebrew University, for technology, know-how and worldwide intellectual property rights relating to a novel approach to treating rheumatoid arthritis (RA). This new approach involves reducing RA joint inflammation by targeting the synovial cells responsible for infiltrating and Read more about Coulter Acquires Rights To Novel Technology[…]

glaxo smith kline

SmithKline Beecham To Extend Agreement With NPS Pharmaceuticals

NPS Pharmaceuticals, Inc has announced that SmithKline Beecham (SB) will continue funding work at NPS under an existing collaborative research and license agreement begun in 1993. NPS and SB are engaged in research efforts to find novel therapies for osteoporosis. Under the terms of the agreement, SB has also purchased shares of NPS stock. The Read more about SmithKline Beecham To Extend Agreement With NPS Pharmaceuticals[…]

genenews inc

Chondrogene Acquires Genenews

ChondroGene Limited has completed the acquisition of GeneNews Inc. The principal asset of GeneNews is proprietary technology, in which ChondroGene presently holds certain licensing rights, in osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and traumatic joint injury. This technology can be applied to pharmacogenomics and personalized medicine, and in the development of novel diagnostics and therapeutics across a range Read more about Chondrogene Acquires Genenews[…]


Dj Orthopedics Acquires Bone Growth Stimulation Business

dj Orthopedics, Inc., a designer, manufacturer, and marketer of products and services for the orthopedic sports medicine market, has closed its acquisition of the bone growth stimulation device business from OrthoLogic Corporation. “We are very pleased to close this important acquisition,” said Les Cross, president and CEO of dj Orthopedics. “Strategically, this acquisition opens up Read more about Dj Orthopedics Acquires Bone Growth Stimulation Business[…]

Geron Corporation

Geron And University Of California, Irvine Awarded BioSTAR Grant

Geron Corporation has announced the renewal of a matching grant from the University of California BioSTAR Project to support continued research on the use of human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) to derive oligodendrocytes for the treatment of spinal cord and related central nervous system (CNS) injuries. The work, originally initiated in August 2001 with Geron Read more about Geron And University Of California, Irvine Awarded BioSTAR Grant[…]

lifecell corporation

Wright Medical, Lifecell Agree Development Collaboration

Wright Medical Group, Inc has entered into an exclusive agreement with LifeCell Corporation for the development and supply of a product based on LifeCell’s proprietary tissue matrix technology for orthopaedic applications. Under the terms of the agreement, the tissue matrix product will be used in conjunction with Wright Medical’s comprehensive bio- orthopaedic portfolio of products. Read more about Wright Medical, Lifecell Agree Development Collaboration[…]

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