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Biacore Enters Collaboration With SmithKline Beecham

Biacore International AB has entered into a collaborative agreement with SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals, whereby the pharmaceutical giant will evaluate Biacore’s new prototype high performance system in preclinical and ADME drug screening studies.The collaboration marks yet another milestone in Biacore’s commitment to providing novel analytical systems to help the pharmaceutical industry increase the flow of high-quality Read more about Biacore Enters Collaboration With SmithKline Beecham[…]

glaxo smith kline

Glaxo And Institut Pasteur Work On Sars Vaccine

GlaxoSmithKline Plc, Europe’s largest drugmaker, has signed an agreement with France’s Institut Pasteur to develop a SARS vaccine. Scientists from the two organizations aim to produce a sub-unit vaccine, derived from viral proteins. Such a vaccine would protect individuals from the risk of infection, since viral proteins themselves are not infectious. GSK vaccine head Jean Read more about Glaxo And Institut Pasteur Work On Sars Vaccine[…]

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Skyepharma Begins Requip Ocr Clinical

Skyepharma has initiated Phase III clinical trials of the oral controlled release formulation of GlaxoSmithKline‘s Requip (Ropinirole HCl). The new once daily formulation for Parkinson’s disease has been developed utilizing SkyePharma’s Geomatrix technology. Requip OCR is expected to simplify the treatment regime for patients using this drug, thus improving patient convenience and compliance. The company Read more about Skyepharma Begins Requip Ocr Clinical[…]

diaDexus Collaborates On Cardiovascular Diagnostic

diaDexus, Inc Mayo Clinic, and Mayo Medical Laboratories, the national reference laboratory for Mayo Clinic, have entered into a collaborative agreement to explore the clinical applications for a test that detects a newly identified independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease. The test, called the PLAC Test, was developed by diaDexus as a potential new way Read more about diaDexus Collaborates On Cardiovascular Diagnostic[…]

Discovery Partners Announces Agreement With GSK

Discovery Partners International, Inc. has entered into an agreement with Glaxo SmithKline for the delivery of a next generation IRORI(TM) Combinatorial Chemistry Synthesis Platform. Financial terms of the arrangements were not released. Over the next twelve months, Discovery Partners will deliver the first two next generation X-Kan(TM) Chemistry Synthesis Systems for use in GSK sites Read more about Discovery Partners Announces Agreement With GSK[…]