Long time customer of, always come through. This time around I got Dragon Pharma’s EQ / Test E 200 injectable and used it as a pre workout. I also got some arimidex and dragon pharma test e 250. first of all the eq/test e mix is the shit!! Anyone that has tried this mix as a preworkout know that you just cant go back to a normal preworkout. The pump is incredible, the stamina and endurance in each workout is crazy. Only donwside to taking that mix is getting hurt by trying too much weight. My muscles could do it but my ligaments and joints werent having it. I always try to hold on as much as I can before taking any AI, I feel like it helps me grow the less amount of AI i take on cycle. By the 5th week of my test only cycle i started to feel itchy nips. took .25 mgs and removed the feeling right away. I took the Adex only when i felt it necesary which was about maybe every week or 10 days.

Dragon Pharmas test E 250 is always on point. Test only cycles are awesome (only took eq/test e aspreworkout on some days). Ran dragon pharmas test at 500mgs a week for 16 weeks for a bulk. No PIP whatsoever. went from 208lbs to 242. Yes I did dirty bulk like crazy and my abs are almost completly gone, but thats a bulk. I did experience a lot more back acne on this cycle but thats probably cause of the way i was taking the AI. I had moved away form test only cycles and started to incorporate more compounds but decided to come back to test only and the results are amazing still.

Always willing to help if there is any problem, but there never is! Always great secure packaging. Took 12 days from when i posted donation.

I love, and i love . I can always count to get my goods when i go with naps. Ive tried to find something to critizise but still have no reason too.