Diversa And Celera Genomics Sequence Streptomyces

Diversa Corporation and Celera Genomics have announced the completion of the entire genome sequence of Streptomyces diversa. The companies completed the sequencing under the collaborative agreement signed in December of 2000. The availability of the genome sequence should enable faster discovery and development of novel molecules of pharmaceutical interest from Diversa’s PathwayLibraries. Diversa‘s proprietary strain, Read more about Diversa And Celera Genomics Sequence Streptomyces[…]

Diversa Expands Patent Protection Of Drug Screening Technologies

Diversa Corporation has been issued U.S. Patent No. 6,057,103 expanding its proprietary position for identifying and optimizing biologically active molecules derived from its compound libraries. The patent covers methods for producing and derivatizing small molecules that may be effective as antibiotics, anti-virals, anti-tumor agents and regulatory proteins. The method also encompasses capturing genes and gene Read more about Diversa Expands Patent Protection Of Drug Screening Technologies[…]

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Invitrogen Commercializes Novel Thermostable Enzyme

Invitrogen Corporation and Diversa Corporation have announced the launch of ThermalAce DNA Polymerase, a novel enzyme that improves the performance of DNA amplification for the widely used polymerase chain reaction (PCR). The enzyme is an extremely stable DNA polymerase that improves the yield of DNA amplifications while doing so with a high degree of accuracy. Read more about Invitrogen Commercializes Novel Thermostable Enzyme[…]