Diversa Expands Patent Protection Of Drug Screening Technologies

has been issued U.S. Patent No. 6,057,103 expanding its proprietary position for identifying and optimizing biologically active molecules derived from its compound libraries.

The patent covers methods for producing and derivatizing small molecules that may be effective as antibiotics, anti-virals, anti-tumor agents and regulatory proteins.

The method also encompasses capturing genes and gene pathways and modifying these molecules to develop optimized lead compounds for the pharmaceutical industry.

is a global leader in developing and applying proprietary technologies to discover and evolve novel genes and gene pathways from diverse environmental sources.

The company is utilizing its fully integrated approach to develop novel enzymes and other biologically active compounds.

Diversa’s proprietary evolution technologies facilitate the optimization of genes found in nature to enable product solutions for the agricultural, chemical processing, industrial and pharmaceutical markets.

Within these broad markets the company is targeting key multi-billion dollar market segments where the company believes its technologies and products will create high value and competitive advantages for strategic partners and customers.

Diversa’s strategic partners are market leaders and include Seeds AG, Agribusiness Biotechnology Research, Inc., The , Aventis Animal Nutrition S.A. and Finnfeeds International Limited.