Diagnostic Products Announces License Agreement With MBL

(DPC) has announced that of Japan has granted DPC a license to develop and commercialize diagnostic antinuclear antibody (ANA) assays on its IMMULITE immunochemistry analyzers, and applications for the DPC ANA lineBlot assay.

“The combination of IMMULITE automation and the ANA technology represents a significant step forward in autoimmune testing,” said Michael Ziering, President and CEO, DPC.

“The fully automated ANA screen will offer laboratories labor savings and faster results, while follow-up testing using the ANA lineBlot and dsDNA assays will simplify the identification and monitoring of antinuclear antibodies in the patient sample.” The automated tests will be available later this year outside the United States, excluding Japan, and are slated for the United States following FDA 510k clearance.

The ANA lineBlot assay is currently available outside the United States, excluding Japan.

These assays are the first of DPC’s growing autoimmune product line.

Diagnostic Products Corporation (DPC) is the global leader dedicated exclusively to immunodiagnostic testing.

The Company’s product menu includes over 400 tests to measure antibodies, antigens, hormones, drugs and other medically important substances present at infinitesimal concentrations in body fluids and tissues.

MBL is a leading Japanese manufacturer of diagnostic reagents for autoimmune diseases such as chronic rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus erythematosus, and has established itself as a top supplier throughout the world.

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