Discovery And Aerogen Collaborate

, Inc. and , Inc. have entered into a collaborative relationship to evaluate the use of Discovery’s proprietary humanized lung surfactant with Aerogen’s Aeroneb Professional Nebulizer System (Aeroneb Pro), for the delivery of aerosolized surfactants to prevent and treat respiratory disease in the hospital.

Aerogen’s commercially available Aeroneb Pro is a new nebulizer designed to provide efficient drug delivery for respiratory therapy, particularly for patients who require mechanical ventilation.

The Aeroneb Pro is designed to achieve a high level of efficiency by use of its proprietary technology, which produces a fine-particle, low speed aerosol, to maximize drug deposition in the lungs, without generating heat or requiring propellants or compressors.

The collaboration will investigate the application of the Aeroneb Pro with Discovery’s humanized lung surfactant for pulmonary delivery to the lungs of mechanically ventilated patients.

The initial investigations will include the selection of target formulation strengths and aerosol delivery parameters using an in vitro model of adult mechanical ventilation, in preparation for clinical evaluation.

“We are very excited to collaborate with Discovery Laboratories. Delivery of a humanized lung surfactant in aerosol form will be a significant step forward for respiratory medicine. The integration of their humanized surfactant with our Aeroneb Pro platform has the potential to achieve a marked improvement in respiratory drug therapy in the critical care setting,” said Jane E. Shaw, Ph.D., Chairman and CEO of Aerogen.

“The Aeroneb Pro technology offers a unique opportunity for use with mechanical ventilators common to the Intensive Care Unit.” Dr. Robert J. Capetola, Ph.D., President and CEO of Discovery stated.

Discovery Laboratories, Inc. is a specialty pharmaceutical company leveraging its platform technology in humanized lung surfactants to develop potential novel respiratory therapies and pulmonary drug delivery products.

Aerogen is developing inhaler and nebulizer products, based on its proprietary aerosol generator technology, for the treatment of respiratory disorders in the home and hospital markets.


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