Roche And Serenex Sign Agreement

Serenex, Inc. announced the signing of a research agreement with which involves the utilization of Serenex’ novel chemoproteomics technologies within Roche’s drug discovery program.

The companies will jointly evaluate how Serenex’ technologies may impact the identification of the most appropriate compounds to advance through drug discovery and development Richard S. Kent, M.D., President and Chief Executive Officer of Serenex, commented, “We believe our technology significantly improves the drug discovery and development process by providing higher quality, more comprehensive data more rapidly than standard screening approaches. Roche’s commitment to aggressive and comprehensive drug discovery is well known and we are glad to be associated with this effort.”

The agreement provides with access to Serenex’ unique Proteome Mining and Functional Proteome Fractionation technologies.

Under the terms of the collaboration, will supply with small molecule, drug-like compounds and Serenex will use its technologies to screen the Roche compounds against thousands of protein targets simultaneously.

Serenex, Inc. is a drug discovery company employing proprietary and novel chemoproteomics technology.

possesses capabilities to simultaneously profile compounds across thousands of relevant targets, rapidly producing compound/target profiles of unprecedented breadth and creating multiple intellectual property opportunities.

Serenex’ technology has already identified new approaches to oncology and anti-inflammatory drug discovery as well as multiple opportunities to improve upon existing drugs.

The company employs a multi-disciplinary staff with expertise in molecular biology, mass spectroscopy, protein chemistry, medicinal chemistry and informatics.

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