Toronto Medical Has Acquired Ciphergen’s Autobiomarker Proteinchip System

Ciphergen Biosystems, Inc. has announced that (TML) has acquired Ciphergen’s AutoBiomarker ProteinChip System, with an objective of pursuing targeted assay development projects aimed at identifying new protein biomarkers that can be converted into commercial diagnostic tests as part of the TML reference lab business strategy.

Ciphergen has granted TML, in conjunction with the ProteinChip System, a Diagnostic Biomarker Discovery license as well as a commercial Diagnostic Assay Platform license to perform paid clinical diagnostic tests using this platform.

Financial and other terms were not disclosed.TML was established in 1995 as a joint venture between the University Health Network (comprised of Toronto General Hospital, Toronto Western and Princess Margaret Hospital) and MDS Inc.The McLaughlin Centre for Molecular Medicine at the University of Toronto is an equal partner with TML in this investment and will share in the use of the ProteinChip technology.

Projects under discussion using the ProteinChip System by TML and the McLaughlin Centre include studies on large organ transplant rejection markers, the early diagnosis of endometrial, thyroid and lung cancer, and the identification of predictors of response to novel therapeutic agents in colon cancer, leukemia and myeloma.

William Rich, President and CEO of Ciphergen, stated, “We are delighted that such prestigious groups within Canada have decided to utilize our technology with a goal of developing new diagnostic tests.”

Ene Underwood, President of Toronto Medical Laboratories, commented, “We’re very excited to be incorporating the ProteinChip technology as a new platform in our laboratories. We believe this technology offers tremendous potential in the worldwide efforts to unleash the diagnostic potential of proteomics.”

Ciphergen develops, manufactures and markets a family of ProteinChip Systems and services for clinical, research and process proteomics applications, as well as a broad range of bioseparations media for protein purification through its BioSepra process chromatography division.

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