Abbott Enters Agreement With Medical Analysis Systems

has announced a co-marketing agreement with Medical Analysis Systems, Inc. (MAS), a Fisher Scientific International Inc. company, for the VecTest (TM) family of antigen-based assays, including a rapid test for detecting the West Nile virus in infected mosquitoes.The proprietary VecTest products, developed and manufactured by MAS, also include rapid tests for detecting malaria and Saint Louis encephalitis in infected mosquitoes.

MAS also will provide a rapid test for detecting the West Nile virus in infected birds following regulatory approval.

“By monitoring viral activity in mosquito and bird populations, it may be possible to predict the threat of epidemic transmission to humans and implement effective prevention programs,” said James Koziarz, Ph.D., vice president, diagnostic products research and development, Abbott Laboratories.

Under the agreement, MAS will manufacture the tests and Abbott will have rights to market the product worldwide.

Medical Analysis Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of quality control products, quality assurance programs and services, reagents, and calibrators used in clinical diagnostic testing worldwide.

is a global, broad-based health care company devoted to the discovery, development, manufacture and marketing of pharmaceuticals, nutritionals, and medical products, including devices and diagnostics.

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