A.I. Software Acquires Patented Stem Cell Expansion Technology

A.I. Software, Inc., has reached an agreement with the Weitzman Institute of Science and Technion — Israel Institute of Technology to acquire the exclusive rights of stem cell expansion technology.

Researchers at Israel’s top research institutions have developed a unique advanced technology in its early stages that expands stem cells from umbilical cord blood without differentiation, possibly allowing better results in cord blood transplants in adults.

As part of the agreement, A.I. will have the licensing rights to a stromal cell bioreactor — a unique process and protein that assists in restoring the bone marrow in adults suffering from leukemia, lymphomas, autoimmune disease and other blood-related disorders.

A.I. is acquiring the rights to the stem cell expansion technology for cash and future royalties.

The company plans to provide cell expansion services to cord blood banks and transplant centers throughout the United States and Europe as well as selectively licensing the technology to industry partners.

“Cord blood transplants increasingly have become a viable option for patients whose bone marrow cells have been ravaged by disease and who lack matched donors for a bone marrow transplant,” said Dr. Shai Meretzki, the main inventor at the Technion who developed the stem cell expansion process.

“Stem cells found in cord blood have high tolerance levels. This adds to the fact that cord blood is readily available and easily attained. Cord blood stem cells facilitate an optimal transplant solution.”

“The patented technology acquired by A.I. could expand stem cells in cord blood that would be ample enough to treat adults who need bone marrow transplants,” Meretzki said.

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