Allecure, BD Biosciences Announce Collaborative Research Alliance

BD BiosciencesAlleCure Corp. has announced a research collaboration with (BDB), a division of BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company), to develop novel assays in support of AlleCure’s AlleVax treatments for allergies and various autoimmune diseases.

Leveraging research and clinical diagnostic systems and AlleCure’s allergy vaccine technologies, the collaboration will focus on the development of laboratory tests that may be used for allergy diagnosis, confirmation of vaccine efficacy, and continued patient monitoring before, during and after immunotherapy.

AlleCure and will collaborate to complement AlleCure’s current allergy vaccine development program.

“In the general field of vaccine-based therapeutics, it is essential to have available convenient laboratory assays for the assessment of the relevant types of immune responses that will mediate the desired therapeutic outcome,” says Noel Warner, Vice President of Scientific Affairs at BD Biosciences.

“This collaboration will build on assays currently under development at and tailor them to the innovative allergy treatments underway at AlleCure.” A balanced and successful immune response involves several cell types.

In contrast, AlleCure’s approach will make possible the concurrent evaluation of multiple immune parameters before, during and after vaccine administration.

This will permit AlleCure to focus on reactivity changes of three immune cell types — B cells, T cells and basophils — integral to the immune response.

Once established, these assays will have broad commercial applicability.

“This alliance is a great opportunity to link AlleCure’s allergy vaccine product line with a robust allergy diagnostic,” according to Stephen McCormack, President and CEO of AlleCure.

“This collaboration brings with it a validation of our approach to treating specific allergies using vaccines, rather than conventional immunotherapy.” is an operating unit of Becton, Dickinson and Company, and is one of the largest companies supporting the life sciences.

offers expertise in molecular biology, cellular biology, and immunology.

AlleCure is a biopharmaceutical company that discovers and develops therapeutics to prevent and treat conditions caused by immune system imbalance.

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