AME Signs Licensing Agreement With IDEXX For Diagnostic Development

Applied Molecular Evolution, Inc., has granted a non-exclusive sublicense to IDEXX Laboratories, Inc., for Applied Molecular Evolution’s (AME’s) Kauffman patents for directed evolution.

IDEXX plans to use the Kauffman patents to develop diagnostic applications.

“We believe that IDEXX’ decision to take this license reflects the value of our proprietary position in the field of directed evolution,” commented William D. Huse, CEO of Applied Molecular Evolution.

The Kauffman patent family comprises six issued U.S. patents with claims covering methods of stochastically generating proteins, which AME believes is required by many directed evolution technologies.

AME was granted an exclusive license to the Kauffman patent family in 1994.

The first Kauffman patent application was filed in 1985, and the first U.S. Kauffman patent issued in 1998 with a term extending into 2015.

IDEXX Laboratories, Inc. is a world leader in providing diagnostic, detection and information systems for veterinary, dairy and water testing applications.

IDEXX’ largest business is focused on animal health, combining biotechnology and information technology to create new opportunities and solutions for today’s veterinary industryApplied Molecular Evolution, Inc. is a leader in the application of directed evolution to the development of biotherapeutics.

Directed evolution is a process for optimizing genes and proteins for specific commercial purposes.

Since its inception, the Company’s principal focus has been on applying its AMEsystem technology to human biotherapeutics, the largest market for directed evolution.