Antares Pharma NPMG Alliance For Topical Anesthetic

Antares Pharma, Inc. has signed an exclusive development and license agreement with for a topical anesthetic product, which will be sold under the brand name Alevia(TM). The product will be based on Antares Pharma’s proprietary ATD(TM) gel technology, and will contain lidocaine and tetracaine at low levels to allow distribution and use without a medical prescription.

The anesthetic gel will rely on the ATD gel technology to provide a rapid effect.

The initial market will be professional use in the field of cosmetic procedures such as hair removal.

Dr. Roger G. Harrison, Chief Executive Officer and President of Antares Pharma, said, “Antares Pharma’s ATD transdermal gel technology has already been well established in the field of prescription pharmaceutical products where we have licensed several products to pharmaceutical companies that are now in various stages of clinical development.This latest license agreement demonstrates the additional opportunity of applying our gel technology to the very large market of OTC products.”

Commenting on the agreement, Richard Trowe, President of NPMG, said, “We are excited by the agreement with as this will provide the opportunity to develop a well- differentiated product for our customers.” He added, “There is a significant opportunity for a product that can achieve a rapid anesthetic effect, thereby reducing waiting time in a myriad of otherwise painful cosmetic procedures.”

Dr. Susan Marron, M.D., Chief Medical Officer of NPMG, believes that the product may be applied in a wide variety of other cosmetic and minor medical procedures, including hair removal, dermabrasion and laser procedures.

has developed and marketed products for use in the cosmetic field under the brand name Alevia and as private label products for major cosmetic companies.

develops pharmaceutical delivery systems, including needle-free and mini-needle injector systems and transdermal gel technologies.

These delivery systems are designed to improve both the efficiency of drug therapies and the patient’s quality of life.

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