Applied Molecular Evolution, Lilly Agree Second Collaboration

eli lilly Inc. (AME) has agreed to optimize an additional therapeutic antibody candidate for and Co. In December 2001 AME announced its initial collaboration to optimize an antibody and a non-antibody protein therapeutic for Lilly.

The goal of the current collaboration is to apply AME‘s proprietary AMEsystem directed molecular evolution technology to create an optimized version of the antibody for clinical development.

Under the terms of the agreement, AME will receive program funding and additional payments if milestones are achieved.

In addition, AME will earn royalties on future sales of any products resulting from the collaboration.

“We are gratified that Lilly recognizes AME’s ability to improve the function of therapeutic protein candidates through optimization with the AMEsystem and has chosen to collaborate with us on the optimization of another antibody,” said William D. Huse, M.D., Ph.D., president and CEO of AME.

“AME believes that optimization should be evaluated in the preclinical development of every protein therapeutic candidate as both patients and drug developers may benefit from the generation of enhanced therapeutics.”

Inc. is a leader in applying directed molecular evolution to improve healthcare by optimizing and developing human biotherapeutics.

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