ARIAD Licenses NF-(kappa)B Technology To DiscoveRx

ARIAD Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has announced a non- exclusive worldwide license agreement with Corporation that grants the right to commercialize drug-discovery assay products covered by ARIAD’s pioneering NF-(kappa)B patents.

will pay ARIAD an upfront license fee and annual license fees, as well as royalties and milestones based on drug- discovery product sales.

In addition, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies using the NF-(kappa)B/I-(kappa)B drug- discovery products will need to enter into separate commercial R&D licenses with ARIAD, including upfront and annual license fees, product development and commercialization milestones and royalties based on sales of pharmaceutical products discovered using ARIAD’s NF- (kappa)B technology.

To encourage non-commercial research on NF-(kappa)B cell signaling, academic investigators are not required to obtain licenses from ARIAD.

“By licensing our NF-(kappa)B patents to DiscoveRx, we are expanding the revenue-generating opportunities for our NF-(kappa)B cell-signaling technology. will be marketing its NF-(kappa)B drug-discovery products to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies that will require commercial R&D licenses from us,” said Harvey J. Berger, chairman and CEO of ARIAD.

ARIAD is engaged in the discovery and development of breakthrough medicines that regulate cell signaling with small molecules.

The Company is developing a comprehensive approach to the treatment of cancer and is primarily focused on a series of product candidates for targeted oncology indications.

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