Avant Licenses Vaccine Technology

AVANT ImmunotherapeuticsAVANT Immunotherapeutics, Inc. has signed a license agreement with DynPort Vaccine Company LLC (DVC) for exclusive rights to use certain components of AVANT’s vaccine technology.

DVC, a private company, is chartered with providing an integrated approach for the advanced development of specific vaccines and other products to protect against the threat of biological warfare agents.

In 1997, the U.S. Department of Defense initiated the Joint Vaccine Acquisition Program, which includes a 10-year contract with DVC for the development of vaccines against certain acute infectious diseases and contagious diseases.

“Bioterrorism is a worldwide concern,” said Michael W. Henry, Vice President, Business Development of AVANT.

“We are pleased to be entering into this relationship with DVC. Effective vaccines are an important medical countermeasure against biological warfare to protect US military forces and others at risk around the world, and we believe that our vaccine technology can contribute significantly to this effort.

We see this opportunity as an excellent way to leverage our vaccine technology into another research area that we do not plan to pursue ourselves.” AVANT Immunotherapeutics, Inc. is engaged in the discovery, development and commercialization of products that harness the human immune response to prevent and treat disease

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