Axys Announces Screening Agreement With Bristol-Myers Squibb

bristol-myers-squibbAxys Pharmaceuticals, Inc. announced that Axys Advanced Technologies, Inc. (AAT), its combinatorial chemistry subsidiary, entered into an agreement with Company (BMS) to provide them with diverse compounds for pharmaceutical screening.

Axys will also provide BMS with enabling technologies for reproducing and expanding the library chemistries.

This agreement provides for payments to AAT for product delivery and technology transfer.

At the same time, Axys announced the termination of its collaboration with BMS in which the parties were attempting to develop inhibitors to the Hepatitis C Virus protease.

“We are excited to have BMS as our fourteenth combinatorial chemistry partner. BMS is a recognized leader in the use and application of combinatorial chemistry within the pharmaceutical industry,” commented Robert A. Reed, Ph.D., President of Axys Advanced Technologies, Inc. “Their selection of Axys Advanced Technologies to provide screening compounds and related technology underscores the value AAT brings to pharmaceutical companies looking for a chemistry provider who inherently understands the drug discovery process, and can interact efficiently and productively with a pharmaceutical organization.”

Axys is focused on developing and expanding its proprietary oncology pipeline with internal programs as well as new collaborations.

Axys has three oncology programs in preclinical research.

These include a program to inhibit urokinase, a key component of angiogenesis and metastasis in many human tumors, a novel tumor suppressor protein, ASP-05, and the recently announced acquisition of exclusive worldwide development and marketing rights to Signal Pharmaceuticals’ selective estrogen receptor-beta modulators (SERM- (beta)) for the treatment of cancer.

Axys Advanced Technologies, Inc. (AAT), a subsidiary of Axys Pharmaceuticals, Inc., is a world leader in the design and production of innovative combinatorial chemistry.

AAT expertise focuses on creating high quality, diverse compound libraries for HTS that yield novel chemotypes as hits.

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