Berlex Licenses DoubleTwist Clustering And Alignment Tools

DoubleTwist, Inc. has announced that Berlex Laboratories, Inc. has licensed DoubleTwist’s proprietary Clustering and Alignment Tools.

As DoubleTwist’s best-selling product, the computational tools enable companies to quickly cluster and align high volumes of expressed sequence tags (ESTs) and genomic sequences into full-length gene sequences suitable for gene indexing and other applications in drug discovery.

“We are very pleased to have Berlex join the growing list of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies that have made DoubleTwist’s Clustering and Alignment Tools an industry standard,” said John Couch, Chief Executive Officer of DoubleTwist, Inc.

“The sale demonstrates our continued commitment to provide pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies with state-of-the-art bioinformatics software on a product-by-product basis, as well as through our functional web portal for on-line genetic research,”

“A robust and sensitive clustering tool is essential for identifying differentially expressed genes. In the past, Berlex has used clustering tools from the public domain. DoubleTwist’s Clustering and Alignment Tools will allow us to improve our efficiency by orders of magnitude without compromising sensitivity,” said Subha Srinivasan, Head of Molecular Informatics at Berlex Biosciences.

DoubleTwist‘s Clustering and Alignment Tools have been used to process the public data (ESTs and known mRNAs), creating DoubleTwist’s proprietary Gene Indices.

These unique databases are accessible using specific research agents on The Tools’ Cluster Viewer, which allows scientists to visualize all the ESTs that comprise a cluster as well as associated consensus sequences, is also available on Berlex Laboratories researches, manufactures, and markets ethical pharmaceuticals in four strategic areas: Female Healthcare, Diagnostic Imaging, Dermatology, and Therapeutics for life- threatening and disabling diseases.

DoubleTwist is an application service provider (ASP) devoted to empowering life scientists.

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