Berna And Iomai Announce Collaboration

iomai corporation Ltd. and have announced a collaboration for the development of vaccines for administration using a skin patch.

The collaboration will pool Berna’s expertise in the development of vaccines and novel adjuvants with Iomai’s expertise in skin delivery using its proprietary patch technology.

Needle-free delivery has become a global priority because of the risk of needle-borne diseases associated with re-use and improper disposal of needles.

Delivery of vaccines across the skin using a patch not only addresses this issue, but may elicit a stronger immune response through delivery to the skin, an area rich in immune cells.

Furthermore, it would have the advantages of simplifying delivery and avoiding the use of needle, and may, therefore, improve compliance with vaccination.

Under the terms of the agreement, and Iomai, through Xairo Corporation, Ltd., its joint venture with plc, may develop a number of prophylactic and therapeutic bacterial and viral vaccines using Iomai’s proprietary patch technology to deliver certain of Berna’s GMP-produced antigens and/ or adjuvants.

Research will be performed principally in Berne, Switzerland, and Gaithersburg, MD. No financial details were disclosed.

Ltd (the former Swiss Serum & Vaccine Institute Berne), an independent biotechnology company in the field of immunization, is a leading developer and producer of viral and bacterial vaccines.

is a private biopharmaceutical company that has pioneered the delivery of vaccines to the skin through a proprietary technology known as transcutaneous immunization or TCI. The company has an exclusive, worldwide license to TCI, and has confirmed the potential of TCI in multiple clinical trials.

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