Biocryst And 3DP Complement Agreement

BioCryst Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has transferred rights to specific classes of compounds that act as inhibitors of proteins and enzymes in the complement system to 3- Dimensional Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (3DP), a wholly owned subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson.

BioCryst will receive an initial payment from 3DP, and will receive royalties on any future sales of complement inhibitors covered under the assignment.

“Our seven-year collaboration with 3DP produced several promising complement inhibitors,” said Charles E. Bugg, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of BioCryst.

“BioCryst’s current research priorities are focused on advancing the clinical oncology trial program for our lead product candidate, BCX-1777. We also expect to move our next most promising product candidates, BCX- 3607, a tissue factor inhibitor, and BCX-4208, a second- generation, more potent PNP inhibitor, into the clinic in 2004.”

While we are eager to see the complement inhibitor program make progress, the current timeframe for these other programs and the internal resources they will demand make it difficult for us to focus on the complement inhibitors at this time.

Transferring the rights to develop these selected complement inhibitors to 3DP is a good move for BioCryst.”BioCryst Pharmaceuticals, Inc. designs, optimizes and develops novel drugs that block key enzymes essential for cancer, cardiovascular and autoimmune diseases and viral infections.

BioCryst integrates the necessary disciplines of biology, crystallography, medicinal chemistry and computer modeling to effectively use structure-based drug design to discover and develop small molecule pharmaceuticals.


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