Bioenvision Completes Acquisition Of Pathagon

bioenvision has closed its acquisition of Pathagon, a privately held company focused on the development of novel anti-infective products and technologies.

With the acquisition, adds to its portfolio the rights to two FDA approved and marketed anti-infective technologies, OLIGON (TM) and methylene blue.

Dr. Chris Wood MD, Bioenvision’s President & CEO, commented, “we are very excited about this acquisition. The addition of two marketed anti-infective technologies broadens the robust anti-cancer portfolio, which includes our UK approved product Modrenal (Trilostane). We will be actively seeking additional marketing partners for OLIGON and methylene blue in the US and Europe, and are currently ramping up our efforts to partner Clofarabine in Europe and Modrenal worldwide.”

‘s proprietary OLIGON technology is an advanced biomaterial that creates an electrochemical reaction between dissimilar metals, silver and platinum.

This reaction actively releases silver ions into the immediate surrounding environment over extended periods of time, and has demonstrated broad-spectrum effectiveness against bacteria, fungi and antibiotic resistant microorganisms.

Silver ions, the active agent in materials incorporating the OLIGON technology, have been used for decades as an anti-microbial agent.

The anti-microbial technology has been approved by the FDA in the US, and is being sold in select indications by Edwards Life Sciences.

Additional license agreements for the technology are anticipated.

also holds the worldwide rights to the use of thiazine dyes such as methylene blue to inactivate pathogens in human blood products.

Methylene blue has been used in Europe for years to inactivate pathogens in fresh frozen, or transfusion, plasma.

Additionally, thiazine dye technology may have a role in cancer treatment, either alone or in combination with Bioenvision’s anti-cancer drugs.

was founded in 1997 to develop and market compounds in the oncology and anti-infective markets.

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