Cerylid, Anadys Sign Anti-infective Collaboration

cerylid-biosciences and , Inc. have announced a strategic partnership for the discovery of novel anti-infective compounds.

This partnership will utilize Anadys’ uHTS-ATLAS technology to screen Cerylid’s world leading collection of natural products against key Anadys targets.

Under the terms of the collaboration, Anadys will gain access to Cerylid’s extensive library of unique natural products samples derived predominantly from organisms of Australian origin.

Anadys will screen the samples against important undisclosed anti-infective targets using its uHTS- ATLAS ultra high-throughput screening methodologies.

Cerylid will then use its expertise in natural products chemistry to identify biologically active small molecules in extracts that show positive results in the screens.

Anadys will have responsibility for advancing compounds through lead optimization, as well as preclinical and clinical development.

Dr. Kleanthis G. Xanthopoulos, Ph.D., President and CEO of Anadys said, “We believe that Cerylid has developed the world’s largest and most chemically diverse natural products library, as well as unique techniques for the identification of novel compounds. We expect this to be an effective complement to the powerful screening techniques we have developed at Anadys and will facilitate our efforts to discover new and powerful drugs.”

“This drug discovery collaboration with Anadys is an ideal marriage of technologies. By combining our library of natural product samples with Anadys’ unique and powerful screening methodologies, there are great prospects for the discovery of novel anti-infectives. We are delighted to join with Anadys in this new partnership,” said Dr. Jackie Fairley, CEO of Cerylid.Anadys Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a new generation drug discovery company committed to applying an integrated approach that combines biology and chemistry to develop new small molecule therapeutics.

is a Melbourne, Australia – based biotechnology company focused on the discovery of novel pharmaceuticals from naturally-occurring compounds.

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