Clenbuterol – Designed For Asthma Patients

clenbuterolClenbuterol is not an only drug that has been used for some other purpose instead of the relevant use for which it is designed. However, there are several other pain killer medicines that are used as for addiction and as a substitute of drugs. Asthma patients use mouth spray at the time of breathing attack. This spray contains a kind of liquid medicine which provides instant relief to the patient and he or she feels relaxed. The medicine which is their inside the spray is clenbuterol by Kalpa Pharma. It is also available in the form of pills and tablets. In many countries it has been banned because of its illegal consumption and trade. Overweight people want a quick weight lose solution which this drug provides.

Today’s generation is impatient and feels waste of time in doing long hours exercise and cardio in gym. To get muscular body bodybuilders use it regularly. Even athletes are using it for lean mass so that they can run fast, increase stamina to play for long hours etc. one should know very well that it is not a steroid and has anabolic nature. Due to its thermal energy and fat burning capacity, the temperature of the body remains high during its function inside body.

Mostly women take it because they cannot spend time in gym and have office work, household job and children to look after. There are thousands of females who are willing to take clenbuterol from Dragon Pharma as weight lose program but one thing should be kept in mind, they should not be pregnant or should be lactating any child. Otherwise it can harm babies’ health severely.

Why doctors say no to this medicine in case of weight lose? The general answer given by many doctors from all over the world was that it has certain side effects which can lead to major problems for immunity system or can lead to heart diseases. People who are suffering from high blood pressure already should avoid its intake strictly.

In females, one major issue is observed after clenubterol consumption and that is hormonal changes. Some observed increase in facial and pubic hair; some found skin rashes and some suffered from nausea.

Nausea is a kind of a state in which a person feel depressed, feel vomiting before meals and afterwards, headache remains for 24 hours and did not like anything in the world. In common words a person goes into the state of anxiety. Instead of reading all kind of reviews and its side effects, still people are consuming and it is being sold widely on online market by suppliers. The main reason for its online selling and buying is, that cannot be purchased from pharmacies until you show a doctor’s prescription and on online market you require no documents to prove necessity. That is why it is available for all age groups and no regulations are being set for its consumption.

Therefore, seller and gym instructors ask people to follow a 3 week cycle to avoid any kind of side effects or to minimize their effects and get positive results easily.