Entelos Evaluates Potential Asthma Treatments For Bayer

Entelos, Inc. has announced the completion of a professional services engagement with Bayer AG, to evaluate an IL-4 receptor antagonist as a potential treatment for asthmatics.

applied their predictive asthma PhysioLab technology to Bayer’s proprietary animal model data in order to assess the impact of treatment on a variety of patient types and to develop dose and dose regimens.

Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

“The analysis provided by has already helped our Strategic Drug Development group to refine the clinical development program for IL-4RA,” said Dr. Timothy Shannon, Head of Global Medical Development at Bayer.

“Bayer is always on the watch for innovative new technologies like PhysioLabs and we are extremely pleased by both the Company’s technology and their professional services.”

The asthma PhysioLab is a comprehensive, proprietary disease simulation system that integrates the relevant biological processes for predictive applications in asthma drug discovery, development and commercialisation.

With Asthma PhysioLab, scientists are able to explore in greater detail the physiologic mechanisms that contribute to asthma and possible therapies to treat the disease.

“With this project, our professional services group was able to demonstrate some of the basic capabilities of the asthma PhysioLab and our expert consultants in addressing critical drug development issues for pharmaceutical and biotech companies today,” stated James M. Karis, President and CEO of Entelos.

Entelos, Inc., headquartered in Menlo Park, California, is the commercial leader in virtual research and development systems for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology communities.

The company provides predictive biological modeling and disease-simulation systems for drug discovery, development, and commercialisation.

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