International Therapeutics Announces Collaboration With City Of Hope

miRNAInternational Therapeutics, Inc. has entered into a Collaborative Research Agreement with National Medical Center and Beckman Research Institute (Duarte, CA), to evaluate and characterize novel small interfering RNA (siRNA) molecules against HIV. siRNA are short anti-sense (mirror image) oligonucleotides that exert their effect by causing messenger RNA degradation, and in turn, inhibit protein production.

“siRNA technology is an exciting new area of research that has its basis in natural processes of gene expression regulation that exist in all cells. Given that infectious organisms such as viruses have unique genomes, the potential for applying the siRNA technology to development of specific new anti-infectives is very promising,” commented Dr. Omar Haffar, Chief Scientific Officer and Vice President of R&D at ITI. and will co-own the intellectual property resulting from the collaboration.

ITI has the option to license the joint technology.

, Inc. (ITI) is a privately held Seattle biotechnology company focused on the discovery and development of novel anti-viral therapies.

The present focus of the Company is dedicated to finding new, safe and effective ways to combat HIV, a virus infecting over 40 million people worldwide.

National Medical Center and Beckman Research Institute are world leading research and treatment centers for cancer and other life-threatening diseases, including diabetes and HIV/AIDS.


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