Invitrogen Agrees Deal With Genicon

Invitrogen Corp. has acquired product lines and technology rights from Genicon Sciences Corp., including Genicon’s proprietary tools and methods for ultra-sensitive signal generation and detection, for approximately $2 million.

Genicon Sciences is a privately held company located in San Diego.

“Invitrogen’s goal is to become the preeminent partner for organizations performing disease research and drug development worldwide,” said Greg Lucier, Invitrogen’s president and CEO. “As the science of biological discovery shifts increasingly toward understanding protein function, Invitrogen will be well-positioned to provide novel new products incorporating Genicon’s core detection technology.” A pioneer in applying nanotechnology to the life sciences, Genicon employs gold and silver nanoparticles for the detection of nucleic acids and proteins in its system.

This platform technology, called Resonance Light Scattering (RLS), has been successfully applied in diverse life science research applications, including protein microarray analysis, a core application for proteomics research.

RLS has been commercially available since July 2002 in the form of kits for DNA microarray experiments, co-distributed and co-promoted by Genicon and NV. Invitrogen plans to continue co-promoting and distributing Genicon DNA microarray toolkit products with Qiagen, while retaining exclusive worldwide commercialization rights for other research uses of RLS, including protein-related applications.

“The extraordinary sensitivity of the RLS technology allows researchers to detect low abundance molecules directly and to better monitor biological interactions such as nucleic acid hybridization,” said John Carrino, Invitrogen’s VP for Research and Development.

“The demand for highly- sensitive detection technologies has grown dramatically in recent years as rare targets are implicated in disease and the use of small, micro-dissected tissue samples becomes more prevalent in research.”

Invitrogen Corp. provides products and services that support academic and government research institutions and pharmaceutical and biotech companies worldwide in their efforts to improve the human condition.

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